Co je noveho na fw. 3.16 oproti 2.50 (pro 3650) ?

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Pokud nekoho zajimaji zmeny ve firmware pro Nokii 3650, muze kliknout na Vice a podivat se na tyto zmeny blize.

Urceno zejmena lidem, kteri maji servisni stredisko Nokie dal a zvazuji, jestli se jim tato cesta vubec vyplati … (dalsi informace muzete take ziskat na infolince Nokie, nebo na jejich strankach)

Jaky aktualni fw. je ted v servisech muzete zjistit – zde.

friday before 3 days:
Changes made from MCU SW version 2.50 to version 3.16:

  • Call and network management:
  • Call divert icon now present when ALS is in use
  • Network connection failure dialog SIM registration failed now implemented
  • Browser:
  • Accept headers updated to include application/vnd.wap.sic
  • Browser terminates CSD data call successfully using End Call key
  • Telbook field of mailto: tag working correctly (email field stored under correct name rather than No Name)
  • Colour dithering on GIFs modified to improve colour
  • Video Recorder:
  • Video recorder now records video + audio rather than just video
  • RealOne Player:
  • RealOne buffer underrun (static bandwidth settings) corrected. Dynamic bandwidth usage implemented
  • Bluetooth:
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Profile routing improvements for IHF -> Bluetooth situation
  • Call conferencing with Bluetooth Audio no longer terminates abnormally
  • SIM:
  • Number of accessible SIM OPL records increased from 50 to 100
  • SIM operator PLMN list limit increased from 50 to 100 entries
  • SIM ATK REFRESH works transparently
  • Contacts copied from SIM -> Phone correctly (extraneous characters removed)
  • Messaging:
  • Previewing MMS no longer sets keypad tones to maximum level (now remain at profile setting level)
  • MMS size now calculated according to 3GPP specs (greater resolution)
  • PPH-1 Carkit audio improvement
  • Terminating a HSCSD data call while streaming improved
  • Emergency calls now working when WimSecurityDialogs present
  • RealOne player now localised in Chinese
  • Pause characters in dial string no longer mute downlink audio
  • Menu update failure in general settings corrected (was evident only with CSP active)
  • Operator list updated:

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